Temenos T24 Integration adapter with IBM integration bus

Adil Abdullah
4 min readApr 4, 2021


Pre requisite

Make sure you have below mentioned files for T24 Integration

1. com.temenos.adapter.wmb.udn_1.0.0.v201808231359

2. com.temenos.integration.plugin-

3. logging.properties

4. sas.client

5. ssl.client

6. T24IIBConnector (rar file)

7. T24IIBCustomNode.par

Also make sure you T24 Server File that is provided by (T24 Operation Team)

1. Key

2. Trust

Change File Location in ssl.client.prop file

Open file ssl.client.prop file and change accordingly.

Check WebSphere IP Port etc

For testing, we have

Service URL:

T24 USER ID: SSOUSER01 (Tip: ssouser01 is the root user; in production make sure to use this user only)

T24 Passwrd: XXXXXXX


BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS 2813 (Tip: Bootstrap port always start with 28 …)

WC_defaulthost: 9085

We have to ping ip and telnet bootstrap port to check communication and check service url.

Adding Host Name:

Add host name accordingly in host file

Location of host file is : C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

File Placing

Place below files

1. com.temenos.adapter.wmb.udn_1.0.0.v201808231359

2. com.temenos.integration.plugin-

to where IBM Toolkit installed like C:\Program Files\IBM\IIB\\tools\plugins

Creating Adapter Connection

New -> others ->

When below screen appear click NO like

As we are in UAT we have option to use user other than SSOUSER01

Creating Application

Create application and make a new message flow

Message Flow

Set log files accordingly



Step 1:

Create broker using command

mqsicreatebroker t2

stop integration node using

mqsistop t2

Step 2:

Create integration server

Step 3:

Give path accordingly using command

mqsichangebroker t2 -l ‘D:\OsamaT24Integeration’

step 4:

start node

mqsistart t2

Step 5:

Deploy Application

Step 6

Change path accordingly

mqsichangeproperties t2 -o ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmSystemProperty -v “-Dcom.ibm.CORBA.ConfigURL=file:\\\D:\OsamaT24Integeration\sas.client.props -Dcom.ibm.SSL.ConfigURL=file:\\\D:\OsamaT24Integeration\ssl.client.props -DJULlog.configuration=D:\OsamaT24Integeration\logging.properties -Dorg.jboss.logging.provider=JDK”



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