Service integration on runtime fabric in Temenos Kony

Service Integration


· Login to URL

· Open Apps

· Select Service on which you want to integrate Services

· Go to Integration

· Click configure new

· Give Name and details

· On Clicking save and add Operation You may get the following error

· You need to add the Http on base URL Example : (

· Now add operations:

· Provide detail

· Add Test Params value below and click save and fetch to Test

· Publish the Application

· Go to Visualizer and make Form

· Now add Code from Quantum

· Copy Sample Code

· Get Operation Code

· Your Form Code will look like below now

· Edit the Input Parameters

PS: data= {“q”: city,”appid”: “e39e5a80976a730fd471b5a0cd661823”};

· Invoke Function on selection



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Adil Abdullah

Adil Abdullah

Currently working as Full stack Java developer for Swedish company Easit AB. Working on Java and IBM stack.