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IBM Integration Bus/App Connect useful admin commands

to start IIBNODe Node

Before starting the broker make sure the attached queuemanger is running . to check the status of queuemanager


>> will show the status list of queuemanager .

MQ data path

dspmqinf -o command QNAME

Installation path and version


to check the health and configratiion status

mqconfig strmqm “queuename”

To start Broker

mqsistart Nodename

To stop Broker

mqsistop Nodename > this wil stop all the executiion server of specific node To check the status of the Node

mqsilist > will show you the running state of Node..

To Check running EG

mqsilist Nodename >> will show you the running execution group or integration server of sepficNode.

To start the Specific execution group .

mqsistartmsgflow FBANKIIB -e MiddlewareServices Note: Before running the execution group Broker should be on running state.

To stop the specific excution group .

mqsistopmsgflow FBANKIIB -e MiddlewareServices

To check the ssl information

mqsireportproperties FBANKIIB -e MiddlewareServices -o ComIbmJVMManager -r

To check the systems unlimit for queumanager mqconfig Logs for troubleshoot:

//MQHA/BK01/mqsi/components/FBANKIIB/stderr /MQHA/BK01/mqsi/components/FBANKIIB/stdout

/var/logs/syslog Logs for Websphere mq /MQHA/DQM01/data/FBANKMQ/errors

Websphere MQ basic commands

Create a Queue Manager


Delete a Queue Manager


Start Queue Manager:


Stopping Queue Manager:


Wait for queue manager to shutdown End Immediately:


Start Queue Manager (Init Script):

$ service start

By default Websphere MQ does not ship with an init script, you can add this functionality via a support pac (MSL1) provided by IBM:

Stopping Queue Manager:

(Init Script) $ service stop Start MQ Listener $ echo “start LISTENER(SYSTEM.DEFAULT.LISTENER.TCP)” | runmqsc REPLACE_QMGR_NAME Stop MQ Listener $ echo “stop LISTENER(SYSTEM.DEFAULT.LISTENER.TCP)” | runmqsc REPLACE_QMGR_NAME Display Queue Managers & Status $ dspmq Open Websphere MQ CLI $ runmqsc REPLACE_QMGR_NAME Websphere MQ CLI Commands Start MQ Listener The following commands are to be run directly from the MQ command line interface. start LISTENER(SYSTEM.DEFAULT.LISTENER.TCP) Stop MQ Listener stop LISTENER(SYSTEM.DEFAULT.LISTENER.TCP) How to change Password of and DB mqsisetdbparms FBANKIIB -n odbc::FRCDB -u mw_app -p abc123! How to check DB connection mqsicvp FBANKIIB -n FRCDB | more ODBC Location /data/IIB/EAsmbl_image/iib- JKS Path /MQHA/BK01/JKS kdb /rdb / sth Path /ibm/HTTPServer/ssl/ihskeystore AIX FIND Command find / -name *ihskey* -print To check queue manager name dspmq runmqsc FBLUAT DISPLAY LISTENER (*) ALL To change the port of Listner ALTER LISTENER(LISTNERNAME) TRPTYPE(TCP) PORT(EnterPortHere) To change the port at EG Level mqsichangeproperties FBANKIIB -e (EG_Name) -o HTTPConnector -n explicitlySetPortNumber -v (Port) To check port # at EG Level mqsireportproperties FBANKIIB -e (EG_NAME) -o HTTPConnector -r to Check port STATUS netstat -ano (port) to allow EG “LDAP” mqsichangefileauth FBANKIIB -r adminRole -e (EGName) -p all+ to check installed certificate EG Level mqsireportproperties FBANKIIB -e (EGNAME) -o ComIbmJVMManager -r to check installed certificate Broker Level mqsireportproperties FBANKIIB -o BrokerRegistry -a Command once Certificate is Imported to TrustStore Command 1 mqsichangeproperties FBANKIIB -e (EGNAME) -o ComIbmJVMManager -n keystoreFile -v /FBANKIIB/JKScert/IIBUatkeystore.jks how to enable debug mode of SSL Certificate mqsichangeproperties FBANKIIB -e (EGNAME) -o ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmSystemProperty -v “” how to disable debug mode of SSL mqsichangeproperties FBANKIIB -e Bill_Inquiry_Paymnet__https -o ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmSystemProperty -v “” How to Genrate CSR & Private key ( openssl req -out CSR.csr -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout privateKey.key net Stat for linux netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN how to check keystore keytool -v -list -keystore IIBUATTruststore.jks | more how to enable Listener mqsichangeproperties FBANKIIB -e Authentication -o ExecutionGroup -n httpNodesUseEmbeddedListener -v true



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